Saturday, June 25, 2011


long long long time didn't update my blog ady..
i think almost 6 months

ok..lets start ...
firstly , i have graduated from high school ...
and here is some photo about graduation night ..

our headmaster
so so so handsome right haha



secondly , i have been move to the new house ...

open house

and i found a job ..
here is my working place 'watch corner jusco taman equine '

saw that watch??
it is baby G 2009 couple watch ...

she is my pretty and funny colleagues
she make me laugh everyday..

and sharn's birthday
at 'frame' sunway

and my 18th birthday at start village puchong

wohoo... i had bought ipad 2 ady ...

weilin's birthday

and finally jc's birthday ..
the end